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Vancouver Roofing Maintenance

he single biggest investment a person can make is to buy a home. With a home comes responsibility and it seems like a never-ending job just to keep the lawn cut. But what about the other parts of the physical building that might need attention. We never think about roofing maintenance until we have a problem like a leak. Not everyone can get up on a ladder and inspect their roof for potential damage. That is where The Vancouver Roofing Company Ltd comes in. We have over five decades of roof maintenance experience and have helped many homeowners extend the life of their roofs.

Roofer Working On Exterior Of New Home

Some telltale signs that your roof maintenance might required:

  • On a low-slope roof splitting, ridging or blistering might be affecting your roof’s ability to protect your home
  • The gravel (ballast) might be eroding from shingles
  • Missing shingles or tiles or curled or broken shingles
  • Moss or algae growth on the roof
  • Water accumulation on roof (ponding)
  • Water damage or water stains inside the home

Roof Maintenance Specialists

If you notice any of theses symptoms it is time to call The Vancouver Roofing Company Ltd. We will come to your home and perform a complete roof inspection and recommend roof maintenance that will protect your home from the elements.

No job is too small for the roofing specialists atThe Vancouver Roofing Company Ltd. Our versatile staff of certified professional trades people can diagnose problem, develop a maintenance cure to the problem based on reputable, honest workmanship.

All the work done byThe Vancouver Roofing Company Ltd carries a 10-year workmanship guarantee and that includes any roof maintenance work also.

Once you have contactedThe Vancouver Roofing Company Ltd to perform an inspection and determine the extent of maintenance that needs to be done, we can have the roofing job performed in a day with limited inconvenience to the customer.

After the work is complete,The Vancouver Roofing Company Ltd will devise a long-range roof maintenance plan that can provide physical security of the building and piece of mind for the homeowner.

The Vancouver Roofing Company Ltd uses only the best products and provide roof maintenance for shingled roofs, metal roofs, cedar shingles and shakes, and we have a wealth of experience working on spires.

Another point to consider when evaluating whether roof maintenance is required is how it will not hold the equity of your property but increase it as protective action is taken.

For over five decades, we have been satisfying customers across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We use only the best equipment, high-grade roofing materials and certified installers to protect residential, commercial and industrial buildings with roofs that are designed to last.

The Vancouver Roofing Company Ltd has a longstanding reputation as a roof maintenance specialists and quality workmanship is the foundation of our roof maintenance program. ContactThe Vancouver Roofing Company Ltd today at (000) 001-0000 to book your no cost, no-obligation roof inspection and estimate.